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Self Tanning: My tips and tricks

Self Tanning: My tips and tricks


Do you ever crave a tan? You know, one that makes you feel like you just emerged from the sparkling waters of Barbados looking like a goddess. If you’re like me, you love the way a fresh tan can make you feel, but you also know that lying in the sun for hours is simply not an option. 

self tanning tips

I’ve self-tanned for years and have finally found my holy grail of products to accomplish that natural, sun-kissed glow. Today I want to share with you my tips and tricks when it comes to self-tanning.

The day before:

I hop in the shower and use these exfoliating gloves along with this grapefruit scrub to prep my skin. I don’t exfoliate the day of, because it tends to make my skin patchy. Remember, we want baby soft legs before we apply any kind of tanning product :). Next, I’ll moisturize with this Nivea lotion to ensure optimal hydration.

The night of: 

I use this applicator mitt from St. Tropez along with their tanning mousse. I love this mousse because it’s super lightweight and allows you to control the depth of your tan. I usually go for a natural, golden glow. This mousse is streak-free too, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted marks.

First, I apply a teeny bit of lotion over my knees, elbows, underarms, feet, and any other areas that tend to be dry and will soak up too much color. 

Using the tanning mitt, I apply the mousse in generous, light strokes starting at my feet and working my way up. Make sure to use circular motions for even coverage. Tanning your back can be a challenge, so grab your kids, boyfriend, neighbor down the hall ;), and have them help you. Or do what I do, reach back, and hope for the best! 

Once you feel that you’ve covered every square inch, wait at least 10 minutes before putting clothes on. I like to wear all black old sweat pants and long sleeves to ensure zero transfer to my white sheets. The bronzer I use can be showered off in 3 hours if you’re in a rush, but I suggest waiting 12 hours after application before showering to ensure long-lasting results. Now that my body is ready to go, I also want to make sure my face matches the rest of me! I love these tanning drops by Tan-Luxe. I simply mix a couple drops in with my moisturizer to achieve my desired color.

And that’s it! I hope this post made you see how easy it is to achieve that sought after tan right from your own home.

Xx, Andrea

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