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Hey girl


Ekkkk, I am so excited to welcome you to this platform! I have been wanting to launch this project for quite some time and with the recent events and quarantine, it has allowed me the extra hours to kick it off and share more of my world with you.

At the core, ALR is a brand of motivation and empowerment. It’s like your favorite pair of sexy heels which makes you feel so damn confident that you walk with a strut you didn’t realize was in you.

It’s a platform to help you live a full-out life inside a body that is strong, a mind that is energized, and a heart that is grateful.

It’s is a place that makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in. It’s comforting yet inspiring. It’s relatable yet invokes an immediate desire to level up and raise your barre.

We will be chatting all things wellness, fashion, parenting, lifestyle, and of course, I will be sharing with you my go-to makeup, hair, and beauty tips. So pull up a chair and get cozy… I can’t wait to be on this journey with you!

x Andrea

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