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My top products for a lighter life


My top products for a lighter life

My theme for the month of January is “light” and what a better way to embrace it with my top products to help you lead a lighter life! I think that in order to lead a lighter life you have to have a balance of different pieces in order to feel “lighter”. Start with organizational items, for example. Being organized can help you feel more at peace so that you’re not always wondering where things are. I’ve linked some of my favorite calendars and bathroom organizers to give you a head start!

Next, think about your physical self. What makes your body feel good? Maybe just rolling out your mat and getting a quick stretch in the middle of the day. Or maybe this year your goal is to drink more water. I’ve linked some of my recent finds to help you be more aware of what really makes your body feel energized.

Lastly, I believe that in order to feel “lighter” you have to give yourself the proper self-care it needs. Getting plenty of rest and taking care of your body are all essential to leading a lighter life.

Dry erase board calendar

Essential oil sleep aid

Heat therapy acupressure pillow

Silk sleep mist

Water bottle with time marker

Motivational flip calendar

Bath salts

Bathroom organizer

Pura smart diffuser 

Gold journal

Daily motivational planner

Stackable cosmetic organizer drawers

Cube timer

Yoga mat

Hatch Restore- sound machine, smart light, personal sleep routine

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