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New Year – Let’s seek light!

January 2021 – Let’s seek light!

Hello beautiful friends and Happy New Year!

This is certainly one for the books… turning the page on 2020 to move forward brings with it a lot of feels, doesn’t it?

I think we can all agree that 2020 felt very “heavy.” And in a lot of ways, it was dark. We all have fatigue and extra weight on our shoulders – and some darkness in our hearts and souls given what we’ve been enduring.

So, as we end the chapter that was 2020 and begin anew,  I propose we also make a conscious shift toward lightness. Let’s work to seek light. Let’s share and spread and shine our lights on others to brighten their paths. Let’s lighten our spirits.

Andrea Leigh Rogers - ALR

I am going to lean into the light for January, 2021. I invite you to come along with me! I invite you to:


Light, quite literally, overcomes darkness. It takes it away. When you are in a dark room and turn on a light, light wins. It makes things visible. It makes it easier to function. It makes things “brighter.” Decide this month that you are going to “turn on your own light” and be the thing that eliminates and overcomes the dark. Be the light that illuminates the space around you – for yourself, and for others.

And here’s a super simple way to engage with this. We all turn on lights daily, right? So when you reach for that light switch in the morning, associate this with the light inside of you. Turn them BOTH on. And then go be your brightest self!


The word Light is interesting because it can be used as a noun, a verb or an adjective. It can mean “bright” or “not heavy.” I love that.

So let’s not only turn on our own lights, let’s lighten our loads. This is a bit of a mental thing. I’ve been literally visualizing myself shedding layers – shedding the fatigue, removing the things that are weighing me down as I move from 2020 to 2021. I invite you to try this! It’s liberating.

Take five minutes and in your mind’s eye, remove the heavy things one by one. Say them out loud as you see yourself peeling off and discarding each item … stress, anxiety, weariness, concern, sadness, anger. This is an exercise that can be done any time – even daily.


I talk a lot about self-care, and I realize it can sometimes feel a bit overindulgent or bring on a sense of guilt to focus on ourselves versus others. But it’s not like that! We need to love and care for ourselves so that we are fully whole to love and care for others.

So carve out time to do the things that make you feel lighter, happier, brighter. Chances are when you do so, others will come along with you!

As most of you know, I turn to music and dance when I want to let go. And I bring my kids with me in this endeavor. Now, they’ve learned to lighten their hearts and spirits through movement and music as well.

For you, maybe this means sketching in a notepad, sipping a cup of tea in a hot tub, listening to your favorite music. Whatever it is that makes you feel lighter – do that! Smile. Laugh. Seek out and create happiness for yourself and those around you.

One last request … I ask you to Show Me Your Light! Post on my social channels and show me what brightens your day, what lightens your load, how you are lighting the way for others. #shinebright

Let’s share in this together and let’s shine brighter than ever before in 2021!

xx Andrea

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