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It’s March! Let’s MOVE!

Ah, March … it’s the time of year people tend to get stuck. And I think that’s because it’s  the “in between.” We are in between the celebration of the holidays, and the coming of Spring. We are a ways past the initial New Year’s Resolutions and maybe feeling a bit unmotivated. We are certainly still “in between” in a lot of ways physically, as many of us and our kids are still learning and working from home.

So I propose we MOVE!

As Albert Einstein said, “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

It’s really as simple as that.

I have a good friend who runs marathons without doing months of grueling training. I always thought that was a bit of a phenomenon, but her mantra is “one foot in front of the other… just keep moving.” She doesn’t run the marathons for time, simply to cross the finish line. She takes each step as it comes, then performs the next one. Think about that for a moment. I bet 99.9% of those people around her running are thinking about the finish line or at least the next mile, and that can be exhausting and overwhelming. But for her, It’s simply constant forward motion that counts. I think about that often and it keeps me – well – moving!

The same holds true with our brains. A few weeks ago I got stymied on a project I was working on under a deadline. I was really trying to force it all at once, and I was pushing too hard and too fast. Then I remembered, “just keep moving – take it one foot in front of the other.” I kept my forward movement by breaking it down into manageable steps, and moving forward on each one. I gave myself credit for pushing the project forward, and it alleviated the stress that had me stymied.

The same principle applies to goals. Maybe you have a goal or two you set for yourself for the new year that’s slipped to the back burner, and there’s been no movement. Now is the time to dust off those goals and think about how you can push them forward.

Now, let’s talk physical!

When I move, I feel more alive! But sometimes we need a nudge to get us there, like when it’s chilly and maybe dark outside and the couch is calling our name. How many times have you thought about skipping a workout or even a walk, but then when you did it, you hear yourself admitting, I do feel so much better. That’s not a fluke – it’s not by accident. We are designed to move.

Consider this: beyond all the obvious health benefits of movement, movement improves mood, enhances sleep and boosts energy. I think most of us can admit we are in dire need of at least one of these three things right about now.

The beauty of it is, there are endless ways to MOVE. I choose dance and Barre as my main outlets for movement. Find what feels good on your body. Find what type of movement feeds and fuels your soul and do that.

I look forward to sharing with you how I’m finding movement this month on my social channels, and invite you to share back with me! Let’s MOVE!

xx Andrea

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