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Clearing the Clutter

Clearing the Clutter

If you’ve ever experienced that simple sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in clearing out a junk drawer, you might say that there’s a sliver of “magic” in the lightness it brings, yes? I live for that magic!

Clutter Often Mirrors One’s Unfinished Business

Sometimes physical clutter can be a metaphor or representation of our emotional clutter.

According to Jennifer Baumgartner of Psychology Today “Clutter is not only a container for our memories, but can be a distractor for tackling deeper issues.”

The terrific news is that tackling the physical stuff is a giant step toward dispersing pent up emotions. When you start to let the things go, locked up issues and feelings inevitably begin to dissipate, leaving room for new positive energy.

Clearing Clutter Takes Time

I have found that when I remove unnecessary items and arrange my environment in an orderly fashion that helps me roll through my day without hiccups, this unleashes pockets of time that add up significantly.

Eliminating that search for my keys or the dig through my dresser to find my favorite sports bra gives me five more minutes in my life for things that matter more!

Taking Control Gives You POWER!

There’s real power in letting go of things that don’t add value to your life. It’s as simple as that. Deciding what you surround yourself with is within your power and yours alone.

An example of this is making the decision to eliminate unhealthy snacks from your home, thus creating a space that’s free of temptation. Expanding on this, letting go of objects that are not wholly positive or that don’t bring you joy frees your space of negative emotional triggers. Think of it as “releasing the negative.” That in itself is magical.

Don’t Gild the Lilly

This is a saying straight from my mom, and she instilled in me from a young age the power of organization and the effect it has on productivity. My room growing up was a place that I felt focused and calm because my surroundings were that, and I’ve brought this into my adult life as well. It’s not about perfection, it’s about having things around you that make you feel good, and keeping those things orderly. We often forget that our relationship with things is as impactful as our relationship with people, and it’s important to surround yourself with good energy and positive forces.

Clearing Clutter Creates Space for Growth

This is by far my favorite benefit of decluttering. For me, continual growth is like air … I need it to keep moving forward. And physical and mental clutter absolutely inhibit me from doing so. Clearing that out on a regular basis is like breathing fresh air. It makes room for new ideas, different ways of thinking, focus and clarity, and… growth.

So maybe it’s time you think about lightening your load – physically and emotionally. When you consider the benefits … increased energy, more time, less negativity, and personal growth, it’s hard to make an argument not to!

Get organized mama!

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