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A New Perspective on Matters of the Heart!

A New Perspective on Matters of the Heart!

Here we are, coming up on February 14 – Valentine’s Day. It’s the day of the Heart, right? We see heart-shaped candy boxes, cards with hearts, diamond heart pendants… it’s heart overload!

This year, I’m approaching the day – and the word Heart – with a new twist, a new mantra.

Actually, it’s more than a mantra, it’s an outlook and AN energy “shift.” I’d even say it’s a way of approaching life, and I’m so excited to share it with you because it’s become a hidden gem in helping my girls and I reset and resolve issues.

So, here goes… this “hidden gem” is simply, “Heart Up! Mind Up!”

Fun, right?

Here’s a little background on how this came to be and how I hope you can use it in your life.

Recently, my daughter was dealing with a conflict that she really couldn’t get around, over or under. It was a mental roadblock and she was stuck. So we discussed it. We talked about leading with her heart – approaching the issue with a pure and open heart and mind. And once she made that shift from a frustrated, bogged down perspective to a thoughtful, heart-first approach, the resolution to the issue immediately rose to the surface, and she felt great about it.

We established Heart Up! Mind Up! together, and my kids really grasped the concept as one they can put into practice. Now, when we see each other with that “bogged down” look, a quick point to the heart, head and then up is all it takes to completely reset. It’s like a magic token you can carry in your pocket and pull out when you need it.

Heart Up! is such a simple phrase, yet it fully encapsulates all things physical, mental and emotional.

When you think about physically leading with your heart, you stand taller, you let your heart shine upward, your posture shifts, you even feel more confident and poised. What a great way to head into your day, or an event or … to approach an issue.

Mentally, when you lead with your heart you inherently and immediately look inside toward your internal compass at what’s true and real. It clears the clutter and allows you to let your heart – your genuine, innate good intentions – guide you. With that, you really can’t go wrong!

Emotionally, Heart Up! suggests that you follow your heart. Use kindness. Take a breath and trust yourself. You really do know what’s best.

Not to mention, the heart is your strongest muscle. Why not lean on it?… HEART UP!

Then, once you set your heart, set your Mind Up! as well.

Set about “thinking up.” Think toward the positive. Because – well, why wouldn’t we when the alternative is to think and approach things negatively? Why would we choose that? Yet sometimes (a lot of times) we do it by default. So, Mind Up! is that quick and simple reminder to switch your energy, thoughts and outlook to the positive.

No good decisions or actions come from negative energy and a heavy heart. Decide to make the shift. Engage your kids and your family with the concept and remind each other to make the shift. And share with me on my social channels how you are exemplifying Heart Up! Mind Up! this month. Let’s do this together!
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xx Andrea

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