Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

I am thrilled to team up with the incredibly talented Ela Rae designers to bring you this special collaboration! This line is inspired by a simple philosophy that I live by…

finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

Our daily routines are packed full of extraordinary moments. They are everywhere and within almost everything we do. If you come at things with a small shift in your mindset, you’ll start to uncover an insane amount of “magic” in the ordinary.

My hope is that this line inspires you to harness this mindset and simply decide each morning to live that day with gratitude, with a Just Press Play mindset, and to notice the small things that make you happy and blow them up to be extraordinary. I hope that every piece makes you feel beautiful, that it fills you up with that glittery, extraordinary feeling and opens your heart to all the wonderful things the day has to offer.

xx Andrea

Andrea Leigh Rogers Ela Rae Collab

A few of my favorites